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Leading change leaders of the world met at imece summit

Hosted by Zorlu Holding and organized by the social innovation platform imece, the imece summit brought together stakeholders thinking and producing for a sustainable society and planet online between March 18-19 2021. Change leaders who attended the summit from all over the world had the opportunity to discuss many interrelated issues and systems from new economic models and companies to organizational structure and culture, from the climate crisis to new modes of production, from impactful initiatives to leaders and communities that are pioneers and drivers of change. Organized around the basic questions of "How can we ensure that individuals and institutions are the pioneers of change manage and accelerate the transformation?" and "To this end, how can we facilitate exchange of information and cooperation between sectors, institutions and individuals?", imece summit hosted various panels, speeches, workshops, networking activities and round-table meetings on the themes "impactful communities", "impactful finance", "impactful business world", "impactful leadership" and "impactful organizations".


A new era in the brand journey of Vestel

Starting a new era in its brand journey through its products and technologies, innovative services and practices, Vestel announced its brand-new communication strategy "Everything is possible with Vestel, why not?" through a press conference. Expressing that their new brand technology is the beginning of a long-term change, Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan has said that Vestel's production, R&D and design power lies at the heart of the message "Everything is possible with Vestel, why not?". Stating that Vestel is a brand pioneering for innovation and transformation, Erdoğan has added: "We constantly work and strive for the best and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our technologies make their way into each and every home, are accessible to everyone and all of us can have more comfortable moments and better days. We overcome any potential obstacle throughout our journey by saying "Everything is possible with Vestel, why not?". Beyazıt Öztürk, the famous showman, actor and TV programmer, has become our advertisement actor in the new period.


Zorlu Energy increases its wind energy capacity

Operating in a wide portfolio from geothermal to solar, wind and electric automobile charging stations, Zorlu Energy continues to make new renewable energy investments without slowing down so as to leave a sustainable world to future generations and cope up with the global climate crisis. Relying on renewable energy sources for 87% of its installed power in Turkey and 100% for electricity generation, Zorlu Energy has recently renewed its generation license to rise the installed power of Gökçedağ Wind Energy Power Plant with a current installed capacity of 135 MW to 150.6 MW with a rise of 15.6 MW.


Technology and innovation lie at the future of the textiles industry!

Murat Yıldırım, R&D Manager of Zorluteks, has shared his views on the transformation of the textiles industry under the Ideaport programme of the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey aimed at discovering emerging approaches shaping the technological transformation. Yıldırım has said that innovative products with added value manufactured with new raw materials serving the circular economy will be decisive for the future of the textiles industry. Indicating that subjects such as sustainability, innovation and Industry 4.0 have become prominent in the textiles industry just like all sectors, Yıldırım has drawn attention to the rise of new fiber types manufactured through recycling technologies, the products and ways of doing business serving the circular economy, textiles-based sensors and wearable electronics.


The new only radio of Zorlu PSM, "Vestel PSM Radio" on the air now

Presenting authentic and high-quality content to arts enthusiasts over digital channels, Zorlu Performing Arts Center (PSM) has introduced its new performance area "Vestel PSM Radio" under the sponsorship of Vestel and in cooperation with Karnaval Media Group. Standing out as the new performance area of Zorlu PSM to make its voice heard across wider audiences, Vestel PSM Radio has a broadcasting portfolio encompassing many different music genres including classical rock, pop rock, indie rock, folk, turkish folk, jazz and soul as well as shows with original content. It is possible to listen to Vestel PSM Radio through Karnaval.com, Karnaval IOS and Android apps and zorlupsm.com for a musical selection reflecting the spirit of the stages of Zorlu PSM, brand new content and more.


"Equality is in our nature!" message from Zorlu Holding

In her message on the occasion of March 8 International Women's Day, Selen Zorlu Melik, Member of the Board at Zorlu Holding, has drawn attention to the challenging impacts of the pandemic especially on women and emphasized that equality must be present in any field of life and it is actually in our nature. Stating that Zorlu Holding uninterruptedly continues to engage in activities with a focus on gender equality which is needed even more under the conditions of the pandemic, Selen Zorlu Melik has stressed that they, as Zorlu Holding, strive to enable women to take their places in the business world and all walks of life with a belief in the power and synergy created by inclusiveness and diversity in institutions. Selen Zorlu Melik has said that they, as Zorlu Holding, are against any type of violence and discrimination.


Vestel continues to support sports with gymnastics!

Supporting the development of both sports and athletes in our country by never withholding its support for different branches of sports, Vestel has added a new one to its sponsorships in football, volleyball, e-sports and handball branches with gymnastics. Vestel has become the co-sponsor of the Turkish Gymnastics Federation through the agreement signed while being the main sponsor of the Rhythmic Discipline of the Turkish Gymnastics Federation. Deciding to support Turkish gymnasts standing out with their achievements at international platforms recently, Vestel has announced its new sponsorship through a special video prepared with the Rhythmic Gymnastics Team for March 8 International Women's Day.


Zorlu Energy among the "Global Sustainability Leaders"

Giving priority to engaging in all its activities in an environmentally-friendly way and by responding to the expectations and needs of its stakeholders by way of taking all necessary steps so as to render sustainability into a way of doing business under its vision of "becoming the energy company of the future", Zorlu Energy has become one of 12 companies from Turkey included in the "Global Sustainability Leaders 2020" survey prepared by Argüden Governance Academy for identifying how companies manage and execute sustainability work. Encompassing 212 companies listed in the sustainability indexes of stock exchanges in Germany, USA, China, South Africa, India, the United Kingdom and Turkey, the survey scrutinizes the governance quality of companies.


Brand Adding Value to Turkey: Vestel

Vestel has been rewarded with the award "Brand Adding Value to Export" at the "Awards for the Brands Adding Value to Turkey" rewarded to the brands successfully representing Turkey in international platforms and adding value to our country. Olgun Zorlu, Member of the Board at Zorlu Holding, has received the award on behalf of Vestel during the event where individuals and institutions adding value to the national economy from textiles to the building industry, science, arts, sports and gastronomy have been rewarded.


Jules Verne Business Mice Travel ready for the new world order with its digital products!

One of the leading companies for the corporate travel market in Turkey, Jules Verne has renewed its web page in line with the sector and market conditions changing throughout the pandemic where the rules are rewritten and launched two new digital products. Introduced by Jules Verne, "Online Corporate Travel Reservation and Procurement Platform" JVSMART offers to institutions the ability of managing all travel needs in a fast and safe way through a single 24/7 platform. JOIN, the second new product of Jules Verne, is a platform responding to all needs of corporate events and organizations, offering uninterrupted and high-quality broadcasting and enabling participants to enjoy the experience of actual/live meetings in an online fashion. Ayşe Yağcı Büyükpınar, Founding Partner and General Manager of the Company, has stated that the pandemic period offers many opportunities although tourism is one of the major sectors deeply affected by the pandemic.


Zorlu Energy certifies its renewable energy with "International Renewable Energy Certificate" (I-REC)

Generating 100% of electricity out of renewable sources and continuing to invest in renewable energy sources under the vision of becoming the energy company of the future, Zorlu Energy would like to certify the clean energy generated at Alaşehir I Geothermal Power Plant located in Manisa to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the conservation of natural resources. Zorlu Energy has recently certified through I-REC certificate that electricity needs of the factory of Zorlu Textiles in Kırklareli are covered by renewable sources.


17 awards from the Nobel of Design, IDA, to the smart designs of Vestel

The 2020 winners of IDA (International Design Awards), one of the world's most prestigious award organizations for smart and sustainable multidisciplinary designs, have been announced. Vestel has grabbed a total of 17 awards for its electronic and household appliance designs in the organization, which was held for the 14th time this year and where visionary designs competed in the fields of architecture, interior design, fashion, graphic and product design. Vestel has become the first large-scale Turkish company to achieve this success in the history of the contest. Vestel Electronics comes the 12th among 3,000 brands at global level in its sector, Vestel Household Appliances has grabbed 6 awards from IDA Awards in which it has competed for the first time this year.