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Vestel joins forces with Ege University

The technology giant Vestel signed a cooperation protocol setting an example for the entire industry with Ege University, one of Turkey's leading science institutions. Under this protocol, Ege University will participate as scientific consultant in Vestel's product and technology development, differentiation and approval processes. Keen on devising new products and technologies, increasing consumer value, and maximizing customer experience through this cooperation, Vestel will from now on deliver its products to consumers following Ege University's approval and recommendations. Furthermore, through this cooperation, Vestel will also contribute to the professional advancement of university students. Students will play an active role in projects and thereby complete their graduation or PhD theses, conduct academic studies and apply to TÜBİTAK projects.


OXIPRO Project

The innovative business partner of global giants, Zorluteks has been accepted for the second time to Horizon 2020 Grant Program -devised to inspire European Union's innovative technologies- with the OXIPRO Project, where Zorluteks is the only Turkish textiles manufacturer. The OXIPRO Project, which will include 15 partners from 11 countries, aims to reduce consumption of resources, environmental pollution and consumption of harmful chemicals, by replacing various chemicals currently used in manufacturing processes with environmentally friendly enzymes. Awarded with 6 million € by the European Union, The OXIPRO Project will run for 48 months. Zorluteks will be the only textiles company and one of the four pilot facilities in this project, which will feature industries such as detergents, cosmetics and nutraceuticals (food supplements).


OEDAŞ offers online internships to female students

Offering electricity distribution services across five Turkish provinces, Osmangazi EDAŞ powers ahead with its Gender Equality program, one of the most important components of its vision of sustainability-driven change and transformation. A signatory of "Women's Empowerment Principles" (WEPs), OEDAŞ has thus launched yet another innovative initiative to empower women in society, business world and economic life by offering online internships to female students of vocational high schools in Afyonkarahisar, a city where OEDAŞ provides electricity. Students participating in the internship will have the occasion to meet with managers at regular intervals and participate in online meetings, while undergoing training programs to drive forward their personal development and hone professional skills in demand. Students completing an internship will also be offered employment opportunities in the future.


Zorlu Energy's young innovators to pioneer transformation

Zorlu Energy family's trailblazing young minds have been accepted to the "Young SDG Innovators 2020-2021" program by UN Global Compact -the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. Accepting only a limited number of teams each year, the Young SDG Innovators program encourages young professionals working for its member companies to explore business models aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and to devise new products and services tailored for these. The young associates of Zorlu Energy will participate for the first time in this special program scheduled to run from January to October 2021, and work on designing sustainable business models, initiatives and products. At the end of the program, the Young Innovators will get the opportunity to present their innovative solutions at international events and will carry forward Zorlu Energy's sustainability efforts.


Waste plastic pet bottles to be transformed into polyester yarn in Korteks’ new facilities

Managing sustainability through a 360-degree approach, spanning from raw materials to business processes, from water and energy management to the endproduct, Korteks now initiates production through this approach at its new investment, the Polymer Recycling Facility, thus contributing to building a smart, innovative and circular economy. With an indoors area of 17 thousand square meters and a monthly production capacity of 600 tons, the facility will use as raw material millions of plastic bottles and the residues of its own yarn production. With this groundbreaking project, Korteks will not only protect the environment but also drive significant export potential. Founded with an investment of approximately 10 million dollars, the facility will utilize around 110 thousand plastic pet bottles -not biodegradable in nature- in order to produce 1 ton of recycled yarn.


“A Bright Idea” continues to provide training and guidance to entrepreneurs-to-be

Under the scope of its intrapreneurship program, A Bright Idea (Parlak Bi'Fikir), Zorlu Holding supports its employees through training programs and webinars. At "A Bright Idea - Entrepreneurship Training" launched in collaboration with ITU-Ginova Entrepreneurship and Innovation Application and Research Center, Group employees participating in the second cycle of the program will not only get the opportunity to understand and learn about the entrepreneurship world, but also listen to inspirational stories of various entrepreneurs at the monthly "Inspiration Gatherings". On December 2, Vestel Ventures General Manager Metin Salt delivered a speech at the promotion event for the training program, emphasizing that a total of 720 ideas and 168 team applications were received for the second cycle of the programme. Salt indicated that the designed training program will make a significant contribution to generalizing and enhancing innovation culture across the Group, and ensuring its continuity.


Zorlu Textiles collaborates with Disney

Turkey's leading brand in home textiles, and the business partner of global giants, Zorlu Textiles has carried its long-standing business partnership with Disney to the next level. Disney has decided to reduce the number of its licensing firms in the region spanning Europe, CIS countries, Russia and Turkey from 180 to just three, and has signed a comprehensive deal with Zorlu Textiles, which figures among these three companies. Zorlu Textiles previously held limited sales rights for Disney Home products in restricted areas. With the new deal, the company has gained the production, sales and marketing rights of these products in over 80 countries. Zorluteks Executive Board Member Fatih Dereköylü remarked that this deal will contribute not only to Zorlu Textiles and Disney, but also to Turkey's overall textile exports.


imece impact

Cofounded by ATÖLYE, S360 and Zorlu Holding, the social innovation platform imece supports those start-ups that generate social and ecological value, with its impact accelerator program “imece impact” which has been designed for enterprises in the growth phase. The 7 start-ups to be supported during the first period of imece impact were chosen among 90 applications after a call was issued for “Quality Education” and “Responsible Consumption and Production”. These seven start-ups will receive support in drafting an impact report, attracting their first capital investment and enhancing corporate sales and collaborations, in order to render their impact more visible. The impact acceleration program will run until April 2021.


ZES is all over Turkey

Forging ahead towards the goal of becoming "the energy company of the future" through its new generation technologies, Zorlu Energy continues to expand its electric vehicle charging station network under the brand Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES). Through its latest investments, ZES has expanded its electric vehicle charging station network across the 81 provinces. With 761 sockets in 455 locations, ZES allows electric vehicles to access any corner of Turkey. The company maintains its leadership in the sector with a market share of over 50 percent, and contributes to the more extensive use of electric cars across Turkey.


Eataly İstanbul celebrates 7th anniversary!

Having become a must-visit destination for all gourmets since its opening, Eataly İstanbul recently celebrated its 7th anniversary. With a restaurant appealing to different palates, a store offering hundreds of exclusive, artisanal delights from the Italian and Turkish cuisines, and a kitchen workshop inspiring love for cooking in all age groups, Eataly İstanbul has been offering Italian flavors to customer for 7 years. Home to unrivalled experiences since its first day, Eataly İstanbul has also launched the Eataly App this year, in order to grow ever closer to foodies. The app enables everyone to access and get information on products from Italian and Turkish cuisines.


YetGen Youth Summit focused on the mega trends of the next decade

The 2020 term has been completed at the MZV-MEF YetGen 21st Century Skills Awareness Program (MZV-MEF YetGen 21. Yüzyıl Yekinlikleir Farkındalık Programı), organized jointly by Mehmet Zorlu Vakfı and MEF University with a view to allowing high school and university students to embark upon their careers equipped with the skills of the 21st century competencies. The closing event of the program, titled YetGen Youth Summit, focused on mega trends set to shape the next decade. On the first day of the summit broadcast live on YouTube, various experts expanded the horizons of young individuals with presentations on shifts in global economic power, demographic change, accelerated urbanization, advancements in technology, climate change and resource depletion. On the second day, the young participants from YetGen had the chance to express their opinions and discuss these mega trends and their effects.


İstanbul Film Festival capped 2020 with the selection "An Equal Life" sponsored by Zorlu Holding

Under the scope of its gender equality program "An Equal Life" ("Eşit Bi'Hayat"), Zorlu Holding extended support to the arts. One of the "Theme Sponsors With The Highest Contribution" of the 39th İstanbul Film Festival, Zorlu Holding gave its support to the "An Equal Life" film selection, the last selection of the festival in the year 2020, bringing together films focusing on equality, diversity, sharing and dialogue. The film selection consisting of 21 films premiering in Turkey was screened between December 4 and 24.