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Eşit Bi’Hayat (An Equal Life) Gatherings hosts inspiring people

Gender Equality is one of the most significant links of a chain that represents sustainability-oriented transition and transformation movement initiated by Zorlu Holding in line with its Smart Life 2030 vision. Works in order to transform Gender Equality into a corporate culture are still in progress with diversity and equality at the focal point. In this respect, a series of events entitled Eşit Bi’ Hayat Buluşmaları (An Equal Life Gatherings) was organized in order to create a platform to be used for sharing, deliberating by Zorlu Holding employees, and consequently to raise awareness towards gender equality. The first two gatherings of Eşit Bi’ Hayat was held with two important opinion leaders Ebru Köksal and Ahu Büyükkuşoğlu Serter as guests.


100% Turkish cotton guaranteed with Turcotton!

Zorluteks, which carefully chooses the natural cotton that grows in the fertile lands of Anatolia, guarantees that its products are produced from 100% Turkish cotton with the "Turcotton" program. The program has initiated in order to protect the health of consumers and to support sustainable production. Thanks to the digital marking made at each stage of the production process, Turcotton ensures that the purity of the cotton used can be monitored with full transparency up to its end point.

Turkey has a privileged location in the world according to European Union standards with its non-GMO cotton production. Like all other agricultural products, GMO cottons contain risks that threaten human health. Zorluteks, which for this reason aims to provide reliable products to the end user by providing traceability of the cotton used, and the Turcotton application that it launched for overseas customers in the first plan, offers its business partners the opportunity to verify the yarns used in weaving with a special device whenever they want and access the data regarding the production process via the Tailorlux infrastructure.


Sinan Ak, Zorlu Energy CEO, discusses the future of energy

Sinan Ak, CEO of Zorlu Energy, recently shared his vision about the future of the industry as a speaker in two important meetings. Ak, who participated in both the Renewable Energy Outlook Conference and the 3rd Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey Summit, drew attention to the role of new technologies in renewable energy. He stated that nowadays there is a central energy production system not only in Turkey but in all around the world. Ak also drew attention to the fact that the concept of a new type of consumer producing their own energy is rising rapidly, saying that this may lead to a total change in the energy sector: “

A new consumer/producer concept is emerging. Those people produce their own energy and sell excess to the grid. When the number of these people starts to be expressed in millions in the near future, it will be necessary to synchronize all the data on a single channel. For this, we will need brand new regulations, maybe a brand new market. The most sensitive and important point here is to make pricing transparent. These days are not far away. As a solution, blockchain seems inevitable and necessary now. The second important point for all this infrastructure is the construction of infrastructure networks in accordance with these applications and concepts. This is the most important reason why we are investing in the Smart Grid right now. As the new generation energy company of the future, Zorlu Energy will operate at every single point where technology and energy meet.”


MZV-MEF YetGen 21st Century Skills Awareness Program Starts its New Term

Created by the collaboration between Mehmet Zorlu Vakfı (MZV) and MEF University aiming high school and university students to start their professional life as fully equipped with 21st century skills, MZV-MEF YetGen 21st Century Skills Awareness Program has started its fifth term. As a first in Turkey in terms of its scope, the program ensures that young people are equipped with not only academic, technical and professional know-how but also the skills and competences required by our century. With the participation of about 500 students, the program opened its new season with the first class held at Zorlu PSM on February 8, and has been going on as an online course due to COVID-19 measures since March 14. MZV-MEF YetGen Entrepreneurship Summit, one of the most substantial parts of the program, was held online on YouTube on March 21, Saturday. Nationally and globally outstanding initiatives from entrepreneurship ecosystem shared their inspiring stories and experiences with the young people.


New generation digital store “Vestel Express”

Vestel opened the first of its new store concept “Vestel Express” in Kadıköy, Istanbul on the 15 February, continuing its innovations in the retail sector. Vestel Express stores, which combine the online purchasing experience with physical retail and provide customers with the opportunity to find and quickly compare the product they want, bring the convenience of online shopping to stores, saving time with the option of same day delivery. Vestel Express stores are planned to expand in all over Turkey.

Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan has emphasized the importance of Vestel Express stores in terms of Vestel's vision of developing new business models and pioneering change in the retail industry, saying “Customer demands are shaping the retail industry. Our agenda is now smart devices, technologies that communicate with each other, experience stores, smart stores… We, as Vestel, are not a company that just keeps pace with change, but a company that pioneers change. For this reason, we have brought digitalization to the center of our investments. Vestel Express stores were created as a result of this vision. I believe that these stores will offer the convenience of practical shopping to our customers and therefore will be successful.”


Japan’s TPM Special Award Goes to Vestel White Goods

Vestel White Goods, which has integrated the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) philosophy into its systems since 2011 to increase productivity with continuous improvement in production and management activities, was deemed worthy of receiving the "TPM Special Award", the third phase of the five-stage TPM Award. With this success, Vestel White Goods became the first and only company in the world to receive this award at the same time with seven different product groups in seven different factories. Vestel had previously received the "TPM Excellence Award" in 2014 and the second phase "TPM Continuity Award" in 2017.

Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan, emphasized on how the TPM operations carry importance in terms of Industry 4.0 applications, and stated “Total Productive Management activities, which are Japanese applications, are very useful in terms of reducing the margin of error in production and increasing productivity. As Vestel White Goods, we started to implement these applications in 2011 and have continuously improved them. Being the only company in the world to be deemed worthy for an award for the third time in such a prestigious organization makes us very proud.”


The Fastest and Most Practical Way to Shop for Curtains!

TAÇ launched a consumer-friendly innovation that will stop curtain shopping from being a difficult and tiring task. With the “TAÇ Instant Curtain” application which makes it possible to choose curtains online, consumers who find it hard to spend time on shopping for curtains can design their own curtains from the options on the website and order online.

Thanks to this amazing innovation aimed particularly for facilitating the lives of employees, consumers can access the curtain fabric options on the website, choose whatever they want, enter the size according to their space, and place their own curtain order. After the order, the curtains are shipped to the consumer's address within one week after careful sewing and preparation by TAÇ. Consumers who find it difficult to spend time shopping for curtains can therefore decorate their homes with TAÇ quality from their computers.


Vestel Proudly Presents VESTELCELL!

Within the scope of the cooperation agreement signed between Türk Telekom and Vestel in order to encourage the usage of domestic products and to create new alternatives in technology, Vestel has taken a strong step into the GSM sector with its new brand VESTELCELL, which has been created with the vision of meeting all technological needs of its customers from Vestel sales points.

VESTELCELL, which initially consisted of contract tariffs, offer users more internet, more affordable prices, and discounts that can be used for the purchase of other Vestel-branded products. Thanks to the increase of traffic at the sales points, Vestel offers additional income to its dealers with VESTELCELL.


“Bizden Hikayeler”

“Bizden Hikayeler”, narrating the works conducted by the Group companies in line with the Akıllı Hayat 2030 (Smart Life 2030) vision that defines the sustainability framework of Zorlu Holding and how they develop innovative solutions for building a better future through integrating the sustainability into their business models, is one of the catchiest parts of the Smart Life Gatherings focusing on sustainability.

One of the examples of these works shared in this respect is the RECLAIM project carried out by Zorluteks. The project aims to avoid the waste of time, source and money at manufacturing processes and to improve the product quality by checking the machines, used for bleaching, drying and processing which have an effect on the whiteness levels of cotton cloth through using artificial neural networks (ANN).

Another example shared within the scope of the studies conducted by Zorlu Enerji in terms of the conservation of nature and biodiversity narrates the works carried out to protect a plant named “Ekimia özcan-secmenii” (Apiaceae). The plant was discovered during the Environmental Impact Assessment works carried out for building a dam and a Hydroelectric Power Plant in Denizli province. The story tells how Zorlu Enerji returned the project license as this plant was discovered, which only exists in this region and would have lost its natural habitat if the dam was built.


Sónar Istanbul at Zorlu PSM!

Thrilling the fans of art and technology with excitement, Sónar Istanbul took place with the contributions of %100 Music on March 6-7 at Zorlu Performance Arts Center (PSM). At the festival hosting estimable DJs and producers of electronic music world in its fourth year, more than 8,000 music lovers enjoyed a music experience of 60 hours and 44 minutes in total for 2 days at 5 different stages by 44 artists from 3 continents and 12 countries. Being a center for music, creativity and technology during the festival, Zorlu PSM also hosted many outstanding performances focused on experience and ambience as well as a two-day enriched music program. Zorlu Enerji, coming on board with the corporate sponsors of Zorlu PSM this year, is among the supporters of Sónar Istanbul as well.

Besides, Sonar+D Istanbul, supported by Digilogue as part of Sónar Istanbul, hosted fans of art and technology by organizing a series of events that bring audiovisual shows of the festival, future technology and creativity together at Zorlu PSM on March 7, Saturday. Within the scope of Sonar+D Istanbul curated by Lalin Akalan, more than 65 events were held with the participation of over 80 artists.