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Korteks accepted to the Horizon Programme with the PLASTICE project

A leading company of the Turkish yarn sector, Korteks has been accepted to the Horizon Programme, where the European Union carries out research, development and innovation projects, with its PLASTICE project. PLASTICE, Korteks’ first Horizon Europe project, aims to recycle complex textile and plastic wastes, which are very difficult to sort, through technology and innovation, and to manufacture final products with low carbon footprints from the raw materials obtained in this way. Within the scope of the project, which was awarded EUR 15.1 million of funding from the European Union, 25 partner organizations from 7 different countries will cooperate for 4 years. The stakeholders of the project include waste managers, recyclers, chemical and textile industries, technical and scientific authorities, the public, civil society and the entire society.


Zorlu Energy ranks fourth in the energy world with its “Environmental-Social-Governance” score

Aiming to be the facilitator of a sustainable and regenerative growth model in Turkey by making sustainability a way of doing business, Zorlu Energy continues to enhance its Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) performance. Moving forward with the objective of developing the business model of the future with its sustainability-focused approach based on impact-oriented growth, Zorlu Energy’s activities in the field of ESG have been evaluated by Vigeo Eiris, an independent rating and research institution, since 2018. As a result of the 2021 evaluation, Zorlu Enerji increased its performance score by 8 points compared to the previous year and ranked 4th among 54 energy companies.


11 Awards to Vestel from the “Nobel Prize of Design”

Making a name for itself in the world’s most distinguished platforms with its designs as well as the technology it produces, Vestel won 11 awards at this year’s USA-based IDA Awards (International Design Awards), ranking Vestel 11th among the top 15 most award-winning brands at the 15th year of the event. Achieving great success in the competition featuring global giants, Vestel also became the Turkish brand to win the most awards in its own category in the event. The products, for which Vestel received awards, include television, electric vehicle charging device, vacuum cleaner, tumble dryer, washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, built-in oven and induction cooker as well as electric bicycle charging mobile application, Vestel Smart Center application, VFit+ mobile application and Vestel Evin Aklı mobile application.


EU fund for Zorlu Energy’s R&D project

Continuing to improve its growth strategy around innovation and R&D, Zorlu Enerji was awarded a 100 percent fund for its JIDEP (Joint Industrial Data Exchange Pipeline) project as part of the Horizon Europe programme, which was set up by the European Union with the goal of supporting research, development and innovation projects. The project, which aims to recycle composite materials used in many different sectors, namely automotive and maritime, will directly contribute to the circular economy and waste management.


Great contribution to recycling from Korteks

Korteks, the largest polyester yarn manufacturer in Europe and the Middle East, manages sustainability at all stages, from raw materials to business processes, from water and energy management to the final product, with a 360-degree approach. Built in line with the company’s recycling strategy, the Polymer Recycling Facility announced its 2021 data. The facility, launched by Korteks, which continues to enhance its sustainability-oriented investments, in early 2021 with an investment of 10 million dollars, produced 2,050 tons throughout the year, recycling a total of 226 million plastic bottles. Thus, 9,292 tons of CO2 eq greenhouse gas and 274,607 GJ/kg of fossil fuel consumption were reduced.


“Sustainable finance” brought into focus at Smart Life Meetings

Zorlu Holding, with its “responsible investment holding” approach adopted in line with its Smart Life 2030 strategy, focuses on creating high value for its companies, stakeholders, society and the future in the fields of environmental, social and governance, while continuing to broaden and update its knowledge in the field of sustainability by feeding on different channels. The first of the Smart Life Meetings, organized by Zorlu Holding to convey its knowledge in the field of sustainability to all its colleagues, and to better keep up with the global and local developments in the field, was held with the theme of “Sustainable Finance”. The guest of the first event was Burcu Ünüvar, Department Head of Economic Research at Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB).


Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan among Turkey’s 50 sustainability leaders!

The “Sustainability Leaders 50” list, prepared by the Fast Company magazine and presented for the first time in Turkey, has been announced. Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan was one of the candidates, who were evaluated by a jury consisting of business leaders and experts from various countries as well as Turkey according to the projects they have carried out on sustainability, the results they have achieved and their future plans.


The issue of clean water discussed at the Solutions to Problems Meeting

Clean water and sanitation issues were discussed within the scope of Solutions to Problems Meetings, organized by the Sustainability Steps Association with UNDP Turkey as the solution partner and the support of Zorlu Holding. In the first session of the online meeting held on March 22 World Water Day, the issue of clean water and sanitation, the 6th item of the 17-item Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was discussed. In the event, which brought together social entrepreneurs, academics, non-governmental organizations, private sector and public institutions, the relationship between the climate crisis and water, and the extent of water consumption in different sectors were evaluated.


Vestel reaffirms its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact

Vestel, which carries out activities that will contribute to the future of the world in the light of Zorlu Holding’s Smart Life 2030 Strategy, continues to manage its economic, social, environmental and ethical codes with its sustainability approach. A signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since April 2021, Vestel reaffirmed its commitment by attending the official signing ceremony at the Global Compact Turkey General Assembly held in İstanbul on March 25.


“Training for a Sustainable Future” completed

Continuing to work for a better future in line with its Smart Life 2030 strategy, Zorlu Holding prepares young people for a new future through trainings offered under the umbrella of Smart Life Academy. The “Training for a Sustainable Future” programme, of which the Holding is the main partner, was launched on February 5. Organized under the leadership of the open innovation laboratory imeceLAB of imece, of which Zorlu Holding is a founding partner, Boğaziçi University Lifelong Learning Center (BÜYEM), Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and S360, the programme received applications from 975 university students, 150 of which were chosen to participate. During the three-week programme, students had the opportunity to learn about many sustainability-related topics.


Zorlu Energy joins “Global Sustainability Leaders”

Zorlu Energy, the first company in the energy sector to calculate its carbon and water footprint, now annually shares its regular integrated activity report including its environmental, social and governance performances together with the sustainability reports it has been publishing since 2009. With the Zorlu Energy Sustainability Strategy developed in line with the Smart Life 2030 vision, Zorlu Energy, which supplies all of its electricity production in Turkey from renewable energy, became one of the 14 companies in Turkey included in the “Global Sustainability Leaders” research prepared by the Argüden Governance Academy to determine the sustainability activities of companies.


New period for the Mehmet Zorlu Foundation 21st Century Competencies Education Programme

Run by the Mehmet Zorlu Foundation (MZV) and MEF University with the aim of preparing the youth for the new century, the “21st Century Competencies Education Programme” was launched with a busy training schedule. Organized in collaboration with MEF University by Mehmet Zorlu Foundation, which aims to contribute to raising generations that dream, believe and trust in themselves, and running with the objective of preparing the high school and university students in Turkey to the conditions of the new century, the “MZV-MEF YetGen 21st Century Competencies Education Programme” received over 10 thousand applications this year, with 1,375 students qualifying to join. Featuring courses such as technology literacy, literacies of the 21st century, entrepreneurship, sustainability, social innovation, leadership, and transition to the business world, the certified trainings can be watched live by anyone on the YouTube channels of Yetkin Gençler and Mehmet Zorlu Foundation.


Athletes endorsed by Vestel win medals at the World Cup

The medals won by the athletes in international competitions, supported by Vestel as the sponsor of the Turkish Gymnastics Federation, made Turkey proud. Ferhat Arıcan, İbrahim Çolak, Adem Asil and Kerem Şener represented Turkey at the Cottbus Artistic Gymnastics World Cup held in Germany on February 24-27. İbrahim Çolak, who competed in the rings in the finals, won the gold medal, while Adem Asil won the bronze. At the Cairo Artistic Gymnastics World Cup held in Egypt on March 17-20, İbrahim Çolak and Ferhat Arıcan, who also competed in the rings, won the silver medal.


Sónar İstanbul takes over PSM

Considered one of the most prestigious music festivals in Europe, Sónar İstanbul brought music lovers together in the unique atmosphere of İstanbul on March 18-19 with the contribution of %100 Music. 30 successful musicians and 9 successful visual artists with their designs on Sonar Screen gave their performances at the İstanbul leg of Sónar, held at Zorlu Performing Arts Center and eagerly awaited by music lovers every year. Within the scope of the two-day event, where approximately 7,000 people enjoyed a unique musical experience, the participants experienced an uninterrupted musical performance at Zorlu PSM for a total of 12 hours. Sónar +D Istanbul, the creativity and technology platform of Sónar İstanbul, which was organized in parallel with the event, was also held with the contribution of Digilogue, with a programme that included important and up-to-date content.