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Zorlu Holding has announced its renewed Smart Life 2030 strategy and goal

Adopting the “responsible investment holding” understanding in line with its Smart Life 2030 strategy through which it responds to shareholder-based transformation in the world, Zorlu Holding has announced its renewed Smart Life 2030 strategy during a webinar attended by senior executives and employees. Emphasizing that they aim at creating high value for all shareholders and companies in the areas of environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns during the meeting, Zorlu Group leaders have stressed that in light of the recent events that took place in the world, the topic of sustainability is not a preference anymore, but rather, an obligation, and that their companies have taken measureable, efficient and important steps in the last 3-4 years with Smart Life 2030. Speaking during the event, Zorlu Holding CEO Ömer Yüngül said “With our responsible investment holding approach, we ensure that our companies generate works that are focused on the environmental, social and governance areas and we will thus accelerate the transfer to a carbon-neutral and more responsible economy.”


Zorlu Textiles Group has signed for a sustainable world!

Europe’s largest integrated producer in the manufacturing of household linens and polyester thread, Zorlu Textiles Group has ratified the United Nations Global Compact with a vision to “work as of today for tomorrow”. The world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, Global Compact aims at creating a common development culture in line with 10 main principles for the business world that is continuously in competition. Occupying today the position of innovative business partner for global giants thanks to the quality, standards and practices it has developed in the scope of sustainability, Zorlu Textiles Group too has ratified the Global Compact on June 14, 2021 in order to disseminate these universal principles within all of its corporate organization and its stakeholders.


Vestel and Türk Telekom present VESTELCELL

Created by two of the leaders of their industries Vestel and Türk Telekom, VESTELCELL has been brought into use. Developed with the aim of increasing domestic projects and collaborations and of adding value to the country’s economy by spreading their use, VESTELCELL will be put into service via Türk Telekom’s mobile communication service and will bring a new experience to mobile line users. In his statement on the matter, Vestel CEO Turan Erdoğan stated that VESTELCELL aims at reaching 250 thousand users in the first 5 years.


ZES receives the “Our Energy, Our Future” award

One of the largest investments made by Zorlu Energy to carry out new generation technologies, the Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES) electric charging stations have reached 1,000 sockets in all 81 provinces of Turkey. Created by Zorlu Energy in 2018 to support electric vehicle transformation in the scope of a carbon-neutral future, ZES provides vehicle owners the opportunity to travel to all corners of Turkey without any interruptions with the charging stations it has built. ZES was the recipient of the “Our Energy, Our Future” Award bestowed during the 4th Turkey Energy and Natural Resources Summit that took place in June. Zorlu Energy CEO Sinan Ak affirmed that they founded ZES to create a sustainable eco-system and that henceforth, they will put renewable energy sources at the center of all their investments.


A special webinar for World Environment Day from Zorlu Holding

Shaping all of its activities with its Smart Life 2030 vision in line with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, Zorlu Holding has brought together stakeholders during the online event with the topic “Creating Value with a Focus on the Environment” organized as part of the World Environment Day. During the event organized in partnership with Harvard Business Review Turkey as part of the World Environment Day, participants have discussed threats that could be faced today and in the near future, as well as measures that need to be taken to prevent these. During the event that took place online, leading representatives of the domain have talked about outstanding notions in sustainability, environmental threats we are facing and the measures to be taken as soon as possible to tackle these.


Zorluteks and Korteks are ahead of the curve in the “R&D 250” Study

Determining its positioning in the future as “Innovative Textile for Nature and Men” with sustainable environment understanding and executing its R&D activities in this framework, Zorluteks and Europe’s largest integrated and innovative polyester thread manufacturer Korteks have featured in the first ranks of many categories of the “R&D 250” study carried out by Turkishtime magazine. Zorluteks successfully ranked 27th in the “Number of Projects Carried Out in the R&D Center” classification with 63 projects, 24th in the “Number of Female Personnel Working in the R&D Center” classification with 63 member of staff, 10th in the “Number of Design Registrations in the R&D Center” with 20 registrations and 18th in the “Number of Trademarks in the R&D Center” with 16 brands. As for Korteks, it ranked 103th in the classification based on the number of projects realized with 24 projects.


Eco-friendly technologies from Vestel

While increasing its production, Vestel gradually reduces its use of resources. Drawing the attention to a sustainable and environmental approach on the occasion of the World Environment Day on June 5th, Vestel presents consumers with sustainable living with products such as its washing machine that reduces detergent and water use, its oven that can bake four different trays of food simultaneously without mixing odors and its eco-friendly tumble dryer and refrigerator that consumes 35% less energy, all the while reducing its carbon footprint in all production processes. Reducing its water footprint rate of more than 24% in its production facilities in the last 4 years with the environmentally-conscious projects it carries out, Vestel has realized a total electric energy saving of 11.494.541 kWh as a result of the energy efficiency activities it carried out in the year 2020.


A new carbon footprint-reducing product line from Zorluteks

Acting in line with the goal of a sustainable future and putting nature and man at the center of all of its business processes, Zorluteks enhances its pioneering and leading position in the industry with an eco-friendly production understanding. Zorluteks has even further enriched its eco-friendly product range with the “Ecodesign” product category that reduces carbon footprint up to 50%. Emphasizing that they have turned sustainability into a working model in the scope of their Smart Life 2030 strategy, Zorluteks General Director Cemil Çiçek stated that they continue to contribute to the building of a sustainable future with innovative business models and that they are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal Call.


More sustainable future with less plastic in Vestel refrigerators!

Continuing production around the axis of sustainability with an environmental approach and activities that respect the eco-system, Vestel protects both nature and foods by reducing plastic use through Vestel refrigerators made of eco-friendly bio materials. Studies on this topic are carried out with the Biolive team that produces bioplastic from olive pits. Created from fully natural materials, bioplastics can be safely used in almost all areas of life thanks to their recyclable, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-carcinogenic properties. Vestel refrigerators produced with bio products protect both foods and nature.


Zorlu Holding supports robotic teams that invent the technology of the future

Prioritizing the inspiration of young people who have dreams and the clearing of their paths in all platforms since the day it was established, Zorlu Holding continues its sponsorship support to high-schools robotic teams to encourage youth in the areas of robotics and coding by supporting Robert College Robotics Team ARC 6014, Bahçeşehir Koleji Robotik Takımı FRC 64294th Dimension and Gültepe Robotics Team GRT 6415. Zorlu Holding is willing to give life to an understanding based on technology and innovation and to bring into force a smarter life; hence the ARC 6014, FRC 64294 and GRT 6415 teams supported by Zorlu Holding will be representing Turkey during the FRC, the world’s most prestigious robotics competition for ages 14-18.


Sponsorship support from Zorlu Energy to İTÜ students

Zorlu Energy supports with sponsorships youth who carry out functional activities by giving weight to sustainability and using clean energy. In this scope, Zorlu Energy supports the Istanbul Technical University Solar Car Team (İTÜ GAE) and the İTÜ Electric Vehicle (EV) Team also established within the same university to develop electric vehicle technologies, both teams successfully representing our country in Turkey and international platforms. Fully composed of volunteer students and standing out with the works they realize, both teams have thus far achieved successes in many contests in the national and international arena.


Golden Award to Zorlu Center!

Assessing the social media performances of brands and agencies with objective data, Social Media Awards Turkey 2021 has announced its winners. Zorlu Center has been granted the Golden Award in the Shopping Malls category of the competition. Organized under the partnership of Marketing Türkiye and BoomSonar, the Social Media Awards 2021 assessments took into consideration many data related to the social media use of brands. During the current period where social media gained even more prominence due to the pandemic, Zorlu Center has reached millions of people with the acclaim of social media users thanks to its contents and shares.